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P.O.BOX 90, SOUTH PRAIRIE, WA 98385RV Repair – Jul 13, 2010
Aaron Taylor, Taylor’s Mobile RV ROCKS! This guy is very knowledgeable about all kinds of RV repair, from large luxury Motorhomes, to little travel trailers. Excellent man to work with, he will work with you to find the right time, place and works great with insurance and warranty centers. He’ll give you the straight scoop! He’s Personable, sit and chat with ya to get to know ya. Want’s to know how much you know, so at different issues, can walk you through them.I’ve owned RV’s for over 10 years now, have run into my fair share of issues. I’ve dealt with small town RV repair, to large shops. We just purchased a used Travel Trailer from a local sales shop and Aaron did our PDI. Top notch! Knew exactly what we were getting and what was going to happen in the next few years. Had some minor emergent issues once we took it off the lot and Aaron was right there to help.From now on, I will only trust Taylor’s Mobile RV to work on my RV!